How do we do it?

Tax settlements

If you work in any country in the world, you have to pay taxes and settle them once a year. You don’t have to be a tax specialist to do this. You can ask us for help and we will settle your taxes for you, taking into account your tax allowances.

What we expect is that you provide the relevant documents to enable us to make a statement, whether electronically or by letter. Such main documents are the jaaropgave (jarograf) and the Sofi/or BSN number.

We also take care of more basic contacts with  Belastingdienst such as reporting an account number, change of address or reporting a vehicle for road tax – wegenbelasting.

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Our other services


Many workers are paid the minimum wage and this is where the Netherlands and its laws allow such households to be subsidised. They allow monthly allowances for housing rent, health insurance, for each child and for childcare when parents work.

Such allowances (toeslagen), we regulate for you

Individual services

To function in the Netherlands, you need a bank account, an electronic signature, a tax identification number, a family doctor and a flat or house. These are the kind of basic needs you need in order to live here. We help you to get through this without any problems.


We also look after people who find themselves in a difficult earning situation. During the COVID period, many employers give up on their employees, but they cannot be left on their own without earnings and so you can apply for unemployment benefit or, in the case of injury, sickness benefit.

We complete the documents for UWV according to the client’s instructions

Additional services

We are a developing company and do not want to limit ourselves, we want to grow and expand our service – to open up to the customer and his new expectations. Please ask questions and we will adapt and certainly expand our offer.

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